Some people you just like working with and Kayla is one of those people for me. She’s fun, she’s professional and she’s up for anything in terms of creative concepts.

In talking to her she mentioned that she was looking for some more portraits for her own portfolio and so I told her we’d do those for her as well the concept that I was working on with her.

Part of that concept involved using another dress from J. Bridal Boutique and photographing it both in the studio and on location. Kayla posing took a simple, beautiful white dress and turned it into a darker, edgier place which I loved just because it was an unexpected ending.

For one of the final shots, we went up on Mt. Lemmon and photographed her in the dress at sunset.

Model: Kayla De Rosa
Hair and Makeup: Kristopher Osuna
Dress: J. Bridal
Assisting Photographer: Joshua Reed Photograph