While riding my bike up Mt. Lemmon I kept noticing these little canyons that channel the rain water off the mountain. The textures, the rock formations and the patterns they made seemed like they would be a perfect contrast for a fashion photo shoot.

After thinking about it for a while I started trying to scout locations and that’s when I realized just how rugged the terrain was. After two trips up the mountain I still was unable to find a place where I felt we could safely get people in out let alone a model dressed up.

So with a slight change plans I started looking for different kind of rock formations that were more accessible. This also influenced the model I felt like I would need because I needed someone who was comfortable outside, was athletic and could still pose. In the end there was only one choice and that was Kayla De Rosa.

The one thing about Kayla that sets her apart from many people is that she is absolutely fearless in front of the camera. Need a model to climb on rocks in heels? Kayla is the one you want.

One day in late November she came down from Flagstaff for the shoot. We did some studio work and then headed up the mountain. I was interested in shooting her in and around a waterfall I had found. The idea was good but for the most part I was not happy with the way the photos turned out and I ended up wasting a lot of good sunlight.

By this point we were losing light fast so it was going to be important to work quickly at the 2nd location. We shot all of the photos you see in about 20min.

It was a true testament to Kayla that she was able to move round the rock formations in heels and make it look easy while doing it.

I love how these photos came out. After being in the studio a lot this past year it was great to get out on location and try something different. I have resolved to do more of this kind of work in the year ahead.

Model: Kayla De Rosa
Hair and Makeup: Kristopher Osuna, Perfection Artistry
Wardrobe and Styling: Christine Bartfai
Assisting Photographer: Joshua Reed Photography