Most people think that if you are beautiful you will automatically be a good model. Nothing could be further from the truth. What makes someone a great model is their ability to become an actor or actress and taken on an emotion or feeling and then begin projecting that in a way that looks and feels authentic. That quality matters far more than someones “beauty” because emotion is what makes a picture connect with a viewer.

This is a very rare trait – it’s hard to come by and it’s even harder to find someone who can do it on demand. In a room full of strangers. With a photographer looking at you with a with a camera. While people are constantly stepping in to adjust your hair, make up or clothing. It’s tough to look natural when everything around you is definitely not natural and when you find someone who can do it you want to hang on to them.

Shannon is one such model. Shannon got in touch with me originally through Facebook and we started talking about ideas for working together. I felt a connection in terms of the things we both wanted to create and so as we began thinking about ideas our inspiration board just kept growing.

This series of images are some of the most fun I’ve had in a photo session in a long time. From the very first few frames, Shannon showed that chameleon quality to take on the attitude and feeling of whatever clothes we put her in. It’s hard for me to believe the wide range of looks we got all from one session.

Several of the images from these sessions were picked up for publication as well as being featured in Dark Beauty Magazine’s Facebook feed.

Model: Shannon Fabry
Hair and Makeup: Kristopher Osuna, Perfection Artistry
Wardrobe and Styling: Christine Bartfai
Hair Cut: Erin Jean Powers Chan