Wow – I was truly surprised and honored to be chosen for Tucson Model Magazine’s 2015 Creative Photography Award and received it with my wife and daughter in attendance.

You work really, really hard and sometimes things work and sometimes they don’t but it’s really nice to feel like someone else saw the work and felt like acknowledging. I’m really humbled and grateful all at the same time. It was fun to also know that my partner-in-crime Kristopher Osuna won “Hair Designer of the Year” and Yekatherina Bruner won for “Upcoming Business Woman of the Year”. Celebrating with friends made the whole evening even more special.

I also realize none of that would have been possible except that a lot of other very talented people contributed their time, talent and skills to make some of these projects and ideas come to life. When I step back and think about that I’m even more grateful to be a part of this great community of creative people.

Thank you Tucson Model Magazine!