I recently shot an editorial for Meraki Magazine that was used both as the cover and the featured editorial for the April issue. As part of that, the editor asked me to do an interview. It’s the first time I’ve been interviewed and I’ll be honest, I feel a little awkward reading the finished results. I’m not sure why. It reminds me of those times when I hear my own voice played back. I hate how I sound when I hear my voice played back and I always wonder how can anyone bear to listen to me. In the same way it’s a little awkward to read about me talking about myself.

It was also odd being in front of the camera and having someone give me direction – but I guess turn-about is always fair play and I was just glad that the pictures turned out as well as they did.

Overall we talk about how I prepare for a shoot, some of the things I try and do and working with teams.