I am not going to lie – this was not only a great wedding but somewhat of a tear-jerker for me personally. It was great because Adam and Lindsey are so happy and so clearly in love that you cannot help but get excited for them and the life they will share together.

It was harder for me on a personal level because Lindsey was our “go-to” babysitter for our kids growing up. She was always fun, full of life and and our kids loved it when Lindsey was watching them.

I have had the chance to watch Lindsey grow up and become this amazing young woman. She’s a part of our family and was instrumental in the growth of our children. As the kids got older and Lindsey moved to Phoenix my daughter would go and spend a week during the summer at Shoebox Manor with Lindsey.

When Lindsey and Adam asked me to photograph their engagement and wedding photos not only was I deeply honored I felt a huge responsibility to honor their their commitment to each other through the photos.

All weddings are frantic in their own way but Adam and Lindsey made it fun with their laughter and ability to adapt with all of the little things that come up along the way. I think you’ll see that and their love for each reflected in their photos. While Lindsey and Adam got married at Renovation Church in Phoenix, we did the photos of the bridal party at the Arizona Biltmore and sunset photos at Papago Park.

They are an amazing couple and I’m so excited that we got to be part of their special day. I want to thank friend and fellow photographer Micah Morton for all of his work as second photographer.