Not going to lie – 2016 was a hard year.  I had a freak accident and tore my quadriceps tendon off my knee.  My surgeon told me that while my long-term prognosis was good my recovery would be slow and he was right. Everything came to an immediate grinding halt and my entire focus became learning to walk again.

The upshot was that for many months I was unable to do any photography at all. So when 2017 came around I was itching to get back to and I wanted to do something darker and edgier than I had been doing. I  had a desire to play with colored light and introduce some visual interest using those elements and though this proved to be harder to to master and control than I had first anticipated I did learn a lot.

I had heard about Estéban Osuna as a designer a while back and I was impressed by many of of his dresses. Their flare for drama and attention to detail really piqued my interest and the fact that he had several in black only made it better. Esteban and his partner Manny were a dream to work with. Friendly, organized and very professional. They made my job easy.

Hailey and Lauren came on as models and Kristopher Osuna stepped in for MUAH duties and these girls really turned it up a notch.

Probably one of the highlights of the shoot was a shot we did with both girls in this giant throne chair that a friend loaned to me for the shoot. I think it’s hard to shoot group poses but when it comes together the results are amazing and I was very pleased with how the chair shots turned out.

I’d like to do another shoot like this again and see if I can do better with my lighting in terms of controlling the colors and the gels but I was very happy with how it turned out.


Photo Credits

Models: Hailey Swanson & Laurel Hervert

MUAH: Kristopher Osuna of Perfection Artistry