I had gone to a concert with a friend of mine and the opening act was a band named Cold Kingdom. I don’t know why but the name got into my head some and I started thinking about that name. Some how along that path I started trying visualize what a princess of such a kingdom would look like.

Kris and I had been talking about doing a shoot where the model was very pale and he’d had this idea for white tattoos as well. Now that I started to have a better idea what something like this might look like I contacted Sara Bartfai to be the model for this.

Kris brought along a headpiece and mask he’d made for us to play with as well and I picked up a costume dress from the Gaslight Costume Shoppe to help give us even more options.

In the end, like so many of these things, we just decided to wrap Sarah in this white tulle fabric we had laying around. Once we did that the whole tone of the shoot changed and we started getting some really interesting and unique looks that had a darker, more interesting tone.

Model: Sara Bartfai
MUAH: Kristopher Osuna of Perfection Artistry