Free Riders – a fashion editorial

Free Riders is a fashion editorial that was published in the May issue of Elegant Magazine.

I love older things that have a vintage feel to them. For a while now,  I’d been wanting to do a motorcycle shoot but not the normal “girl draped over a bike” kind of thing. I wanted something a little more romantic and elegant. I wanted vintage motorcycles and clothing that would capture a range of styles but all of it a little softer than a lot of what I’ve seen lately. 

I reached out to the Vintage Motorcycle Club of Tucson. Through them I met Mike and Chris Black. They had 3 Royal Enfield bikes they volunteered to let me to use as part of the shoot. I found out later that Mike and Chris are brand ambassadors for Royal Enfield – a role they are perfect for. They could not have been more accommodating even going so far as trailering all three bikes out on location for me to use.

After scouting several locations I settled in some fields near Empire Ranch about an hour south of Tucson. I didn’t want the standard desert shots for this shoot and this area has some beautiful rolling hills and mountains in the background.

The logistics of this shoot meant we had a lot of moving pieces. My assistant drove an RV out on location  ahead of time for the team so that the models would have a place to change and that there would be a place for all of the MUAH and wardrobe to take care of their business. While he was doing that we had the models in hair and makeup with Kristopher in his salon to get started. Once we got on location he did final makeup and touch ups.  We also had to coordinate with Mike and Chris to get the motorcycles out there to the location as well. 

The shoot itself was fun – very relaxed day and the team worked together flawlessly. It was my second time shooting tethered on location. While that creates some complications like having a power source for the computer and a place to put everything, the convenience  of being able to see large images on location and show them to the models far outweighs the hassle.  

The best part was seeing the images published in the May issue of Elegant Magazine.

Team Credits:

Models: Bailey Olivas,& Kailyn Healy both with Arizona Model Management

Makeup and Hair: Kristopher Osuna of Perfection Artistry

Wardrobe & Styling: Christine Bartfai

Motorcycles: Chris Black and Mike Black for Royal Enfield

Photography Assistants: Daniel Ford, Joshua Reed & Josh Davis