Some couples are just fun. They are fun to be with, fun to talk to and fun to photograph. Cory and Devin are that kind of couple. Cory is a little more quiet and reserved but his razor sharp sense of humor has a way of making an appearance every now and again.  Devin in particular has a  gift for rolling with the punches and laughing her way through it.

Their ceremony was July 8 in Tucson at 242 Park Place – a smaller venue in the warehouse district of Tucson that is absolutely stacked with style and personality. There are no two ways around it though; Tucson in July is hot and so at the last minute the ceremony was moved inside. 

Weddings to tend to go fast once they finally get rolling but we had a great time working with Devin, Cory, their families and friends. Usually at some point, things don’t go as planned. It would be fair to say that the wedding was warmer than anticipated which created some unexpected challenges. Some people would have let that get in the way and slow them down but not these guys. They were absolutely fantastic to work with – even when I knew they were so hot and tired.  I think you see that in the photos – or rather you don’t see that at all. What you see are two people deeply in love and having fun in the midst of everything else. Their enthusiasm and laughter was infectious and it led to the best wedding dance party I’ve ever been a part of. 

Cory and Devin – thank you for allowing me the privilege to photograph you both on your special day and for letting our team share in your happiness. You guys are great and I wish you nothing but the very best in the days ahead.