The 28th annual All Souls Procession was held on Nov. 6th this year and I was glad to be able to attend it this year. Last year, at this time I was still recovering from knee surgery and was able to work the event as a photographer.

This event has grown so much over the past years that it’s hard to describe. It’s intent is to be a solemn remembrance for people who have lost loved ones. Over the years, there was a growing party element that started influencing the event but this year the organizer’s tried to really put the focus back on spiritual aspect of this event. This event always has mixed emotions for me. I hurt for the pain the loss that I see in so many people’s eyes.  As a photographer, I always feel tension of trying to capture the event as part of the media team, while still respecting the desires and wishes of people who might not want to be photographed.

As a follower of Jesus, I have a hope that my prayers are heard by a loving and caring Father who loves me. I wish I had the ability to comfort and help some of the people who I see there who are clearly struggling to come to terms with their loss. My hope and prayer for all of those who attend and who are hurting is that they would find comfort and peace.

As always, I’m so grateful to Karel Moonen and Paul Weir and for the rest of the team that so graciously allows me to be a part of this event and help photograph it.