In studio with Amandine

I enjoy getting the chance to work with new people – especially when they are prepared and ready to help. Amandine got in touch with me via my website and told me that she had access to some cool wardrobe but she was going to have return it soon.  Anytime someone clothing to work with, that’s not something I want to pass up. It was clear, looking at her website, that she has a strong sense of style as well which is another big plus. Normally, it’s hard to throw something together at the last minute but I’m always looking for opportunities to work with new people and I didn’t want to pass this up.  

I invited her out to the studio one week day evening and Kristopher Osuna joined us to provide the MUAH duties. The thing I appreciated about Amandine was just how prepared she was.  By the time we got her into the studio, there was a whole assortment of boxes, bags and boots to work with.  I loved the wardrobe she brought along for us to photograph. It was beautiful, stylish and very classy. My only frustration was that we didn’t have more time to use it all. 

This all came together so fast that we didn’t have a theme we were shooting for. The goal of this shoot was just to play, experiment and have fun. The resulting photos a a little haphazard in terms of a theme but I really enjoyed how they came out and the different looks we achieved.

The blue raincoat had amazing color and I really liked the black pant suit. The silver dress had a totally different look but I liked the reflectivity and the texture it gave us to work with. Amandine’s posing with the silver dress mimicked that a robot which helped bring the photos together in a nice way. The other thing that really stood out to me was how graceful she is with movement. Through the course of the evening, I found out she’s a black belt in karate. Suddenly, the reason why her kicks looked so effortless and graceful was obvious. 

This was a fun little project and I was very glad that it worked out for us to collaborate together.

Model: Amadine (Instagram, website)

MUAH: Kristopher Osuna, Perfection Artistry