Tracie and Justin got in touch with me about doing an engagements session with them as part of photographing their upcoming wedding. I love sessions like this because it gives me a chance to get to know the couple in a low-key, relaxed way before all of the craziness of the “the big day”.

Tracie and Justin and I met one late afternoon session at nearby park just before the oppressive summer heat really settled into Tucson.

As I photographed them and we talked I learned more of their story as a couple and how they met and some of the things that led to them falling in love with each other. One of the things they shared was that early on in their relationship, they worked together. During that time they would meet and pass each other handwritten notes so that others would not see them talking.

There was something about this that I found extremely cute and very romantic – especially in the age of cell phones, text messaging and Snapchat.

We took the time to photograph them passing a few notes just to document this part of part of their relationship.

I loved my time with them and how the photos turned out and I’m looking forward to photographing their wedding in the fall of 2018.