Ashley is one of my favorite people. She’s “all in” and as a model I love the fact that she will embrace any challenge and do her best to make it work.  I’d been walking around behind a Lowe’s Home Improvement store and underneath a bridge that are both near my office and I kept thinking that these good be really good locations for a small shoot. I’ve been wanting to try some smaller, faster shoots that use the environment more and that don’t require big teams to make it happen.

That catch is that the environment is kind of challenging and you need a model with that “can do” attitude and a team you can trust. I immediately thought of Ashley for this and there is a never a doubt with Kris as to whether he’s going to come through.

I asked Ashley if she was up for it and was excited when she said “yes”. Ashley has the perfect mentality for this kind of thing. Underneath a bridge on a busy roadway or behind a Lowe’s store, she’s the kind of model that sees the possibilities in any loction. When we found an abandoned grocery cart under the bridge, her first thought was, “how, can I use this thing?”.

As a photographer this pushes me to to help try and find creative solutions to the situations she’s helping to create and and in the end I think we created some really fun and beautiful photos.

Team Credits:
Model: Ashley Murariu (@ashleymurariu)
MUAH: Kristopher Osuna  (@perfection_artistry )
Assist: Kierstin Harmon (@kierstin_harmon_red )