Few things get me as excited as getting a chance to shoot something that has a gothic feel to it. I have no idea why – it’s just the way it is. I had worked with Hillary before a previous shoots and she introduced me to Kelsie McEntire of @ithildincosplay Kelsie’s ability to sew and create amazing clothing astounds me. She created this dress for our shoot and we had a blast working together on it.

When I was editing the photos after the session my mind kept going back to a lot of the angels that are represented in the classical paintings with the halos. In these photos I tried to pay homage to that but to update the halo with something that looked more modern and technical.

Model: Hillary (@finchbutton)
MUAH: Kristopher Osuna (@perfection_artistry)
Wardrobe & Dress: Kelsie McEntire (@ithildincosplay)
Photo Assist: Lexie Pena (@_xo.lexie)