I was excited to work with local Tucson artist Belinda Esquer Music and Jon D’Auria to shoot the cover for Belinda’s new album “Elevator Music” (iTunes, Spotify, or Amazon) which was released yesterday. Belinda is a great client in that she had a creative concept but she gave me some freedom to play with it and it turned into a great collaboration.

We shot the elevator photo on location out @jwstarrpass. The staff there was kind of enough to lock the elevator open for us a short time so that the doors were not constantly closing on us.

It was a little trickier than it first appears because the space was so small and there were a lot of shiny surfaces and mirrors. I had two small flashes just inside the door on the right side one about knee level and the other up by the ceiling both pointing directly into the wall. With the doors open I actually took the photo about 20 feet back down a short hall. Photo assist: Daniel Ford and Lexie Pena.

It was cool to see the final project come to life after the designer put all of the elements together – I really loved the aged effect they gave the photo to make it look like an old vinyl album that’s been stored for a long time. I’ve attached the final as well as the original image and a couple of others from the shoot.

Get more info about Belinda’s upcoming projects and shows here https://www.belindasmusic.com/.